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1) What is the minimum and maximum days will be taken for delivery?

Delivery will be between 2 day to a maximum of 7 days. You can choose a suitable time-slot for delivery that is convenient for you. You can also nominate a neighbour to pick up on your behalf.

2) What is the minimum purchase in order to avail free delivery?

To avail free delivery, you merely need to order for at least 300 rupees worth of items.

3) What is the delivery cost if the purchase does not reach 300 rs?

There is a nominal deliery charge of 50 rupees per delivery, if your order is less than 300 rupees.

4) Can I place an order anytime? Do you operate 24/7?

You can place an order online on the website at anytime. Kindly note thou that if you wish to talk to someone for any reason, our business hours are 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

5) Which cities do you deliver to?

At the moment PlantDeck is operational only in Hyderabad. We will soon be in other major metros as well.

We do not use third-party vendors and do the delivery/fulfilment ourselves in order to provide you with the best end-to-end experience.

6) I would love to own a plant or two but know nothing about how to take care of plants.

When you purchase a plant from us, we share a plant guide, providing simple tips on how to take care of that specific plant you purchase. In addition, you can also download an app from our site, with tips and reminders on plant-care, from the most basic like regular watering (a simple alarm that you can configure) to details like pruning (if required). Most plants require minimal care – if you are unsure, you can opt for low-mantainence plants to start out with.

7) Do you have plant experts on call that I can talk to?

Yes, our expert team can be reached via email, chat as well as phone. You can also click a photo of your plant and send it via the app for any issues you face.