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Sunlight: Anthurium grows best in bright indirect sunlight/shade/semi-shade. These plants cannot tolerate direct sunlight as this can burn the leaves. Anthurium plants can tolerate all levels of indirect light but those growing in low light will have fewer flowers and grow slowly. The plants prefer a warm (but not hot) environment. Ideal temperature range would be 18-20 degrees at night and 26-28 degrees during day. Suitable location would be indoors with accessibility to bright light.

Watering: Normal watering, once daily. Should be watered regularly but not over watered. Too much water leads to root rot killing the roots and no water would dry the plant slowing its growth and the rootball would be difficult to re-wet. In such a case to rejuvenate the plant, soak the pot containing the plant for an hour to rehydrate the rootball.

Soil: Requires well drained, yet moisture retaining medium. Combination of standard potting mix and vermiculite would be good for the plant as the compost should be porous and contain fibrous matter.

Best suited planter: 6 inch – 12 inch pot would be best suited for this indoor plant. Terracotta, Black Terracotta, Metal pottery, Jaipur blue pottery and Ceramic will enhance the beauty of the plant.

Fertilizers: Fertilize once every 4 months. Water soluble fertilizers as per half the recommended dose should be applied. For best blooms use fertilizer that has a higher phosphorous number.



Nature of the Planter: Turko-Persian Planter is made of blue pottery material. This planter is in the shape of a cylinder with Turko-Persian art on it , hence the name. The best location for this planter is indoors and outdoors. This planter is available in various design patterns.

Planter Care: The ‘dough’ for the pottery is prepared by mixing quartz stone powder, powdered glass, Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth), borax, gum and water.No clay is used.

A range of glazing and firing techniques are used to create different effects in the final product. The glazing seals the pottery and makes it water-proof, in addition to giving a glassy texture.

Jaipur Blue pottery will break when dropped, so please try not to drop them. These planters are attractive and long lasting.

Water Capacity: This planter can take 500ml of water depending upon the plant.

Best suited Tray: A round ceramic tray of 8 inch width is suitable for this planter.

Potting Mix: This planter would require 5 Kg of potting mix. Depending on the type of plant, the potting mix ratios and ingredients would vary accordingly. The mix mentioned here is standard mix consisting of red soil, manure, neem cake, vermi compost and perlite. And almost 80% of plants do well with the standard potting mix. Also please reference the plants you are buying for clear understanding.

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Dimensions 7 × 12 in
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