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Sunlight: Boston Fern grows best in bright indirect sunlight/shade/semi-shade. Direct sunlight as this can burn the leaves if it is very hot. They grow well indoors in filtered light and outdoors in shaded regions.  A suitable location would be indoors near a window in the living room, bedroom etc or outdoor in a balcony where there is bright sunlight. If the plants are in complete shade with no sunlight the leaves might turn yellow.

Watering: Normal watering, once daily. Should be watered regularly – soil should be moist but not soggy. Prefer humidity.  Do not use hard water. Municipal water is fine. If it smells of chlorine keep it standing overnight and then water the plants. Avoid putting the ferns in locations where they will get hot dry desiccating winds. Spray the plants with a fine mist of water 2 times a day – they love it!

Soil: Requires well drained, porous organic compost, thus retaining moisture. Requires moist soil consistently.

Best suited pot:  5 inch – 12 inch pot would be best suited for this indoor plant. Black Terracotta pottery, Terracotta, Metal pottery, Jaipur blue pottery, Ceramic will enhance the beauty of the plant.

Fertilizers: Fertilize once every 6 months. Water soluble fertilizers as per half the recommended dose should be applied.

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