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Sunlight : Zebra plant grows well in indirect sunlight, Semi shade or in shade conditions.

Watering : Normal watering, once daily. Overwatering leads to root-rot. These plants require high humidity to thrive in. These plants do not like dry air, so mist the plant with water and also keep them among other house plants to create humid conditions. Lack of water causes leaves to curl and if humidity is low brown edges are formed along the leaves.

Soil : These plants require well drained potting mix, Plants should be kept moist but not soggy.

Best Suited Planter : 4 inch to 10 inch planter is best suited. Terracotta, Terracotta black, Metal and Ceramic will enhance the beauty of the plant.

Fertilizers : These plants need to be fertilized once in two months using the water soluble fertilizer. Repot once a year in early spring.



Nature of the Planter: Achaar Jar Planter is made of ceramic material.This planter is in the shape of an achaar jar, hence the name. The best location for this planter is indoors. This planter is available in various colours.

Planter Care: This planter is made out of ceramic. A range of glazing and firing techniques are used to create different effects in the final product. The glazing seals the pottery and makes it water-proof, in addition to giving a glassy texture.

These planters are made of Ceramic and so if they are dropped they will break. So please try not to drop them. These planters are attractive and long lasting.

Water Capacity: This planter can take 250ml of water depending upon the plant.

Best suited Tray: 6 inch ceramic tray is suitable for this planter.

Potting Mix: This planter would require 750 gm of potting mix. Depending on the type of plant, the potting mix ratios and ingredients would vary accordingly. The mix mentioned here is standard mix consisting of red soil, manure, neem cake, vermi compost and perlite. And almost 80% of plants do well with the standard potting mix. Also please reference the plants you are buying for clear understanding.

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Dimensions 4 × 4.5 in
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