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Sunlight : Peace Lily grows well in filtered indirect sunlight or in shade conditions. These plants enjoy medium to low light conditions. Peace lilies placed in more light tend to produce the lovely white spathes and flowers more, while peace lilies in low light will bloom less and will look more like a traditional foliage plant. Leaves might get scorched due to harsh direct sunlight leaving brown spots and streaks.

Watering : Water on alternate days. Peace Lilies are tolerant to under-watering than over-watering. Touch the top of the soil to check if it is dry or damp, if it dry, water the plant, and if it is damp do not water the plant. Overwatering kills the plant so do not water the plant as per the schedules, water them as per the soil condition. These plants are dust-magnet, so they need to be wiped down with a damp cloth atleast once three months and this will help them process the sunlight better. These plants also like humidity, so misting alternate days is a good idea.

Soil : Lose potting soil with good organic matter is required.

Best Suited Planter : 5 inch to 12 inch planter is best suited. Terracotta, Black Terracotta , Jaipur Blue pottery, Ceramic and Metal will enhance the beauty of the plant.

Fertilizers : Peace Lilies, do not need frequent fertilizing. Fertilizing with a balanced fertilizer once or twice a year will keep the plant happy. These plants also benefit from re-potting, once the plants outgrow the container shift them into a bigger container atleast by 2 inches.

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