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Sunlight : Rubber Plant grows well in bright indirect sunlight and semi-shade conditions. They grow in direct sunlight too, but do not place plants from low light to direct sunlight as the leaves get scorched, the movement should be gradual. Best location would be indoors where there is bright indirect sunlight. These are planted in warm areas for its shade and ornamental value.

Watering : Rubber plants require right balance of water. During growing season it needs to be kept moist but not damp, misting is also a good idea. Too much water will turn the leaves into Yellow and brown resulting in leaf drop and rotting of roots. If the leaves droop it means the plant needs water.

Soil : Prefer well drained fertile soil consisting of good organic matter.

Best Suited Planter : 10 inch to 14 inch planter is best suited. Terracotta, Terracotta black, Metal and Ceramic will enhance the beauty of the plant.

Fertilizers : Regular fertilising will help the plant grow well. Fertilise once every three months.

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