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The terracotta tray is made out of clay. It is unglazed pottery where the body is porous. The color of the tray is red and is natural. Over a period of time due to water collection,  the color will fade, and it is natural. It is suggested to have a tray so that the pot area is clean.

Nature of the Tray:  Terracotta trays are made out of clay and are porous.  The purpose of the Tray is to collect run-off water from the pot when the plant is watered excessively.

Colour:  The color of the tray is a natural earthy red.  Due to the porous nature of the tray, once we start using the tray and water enters it frequently, natural salts from the soil may leach into the outside of the tray and as a result, the color might fade over time.


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