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Nature of the Planter:  Vial Planter is made of Terracotta/Earthenware material. It is in the shape of long jar, hence the name. The best location for this planter could be either indoors or outdoors.

Planter Care: Vial Planter is available in both red and black colours. Due to the porous nature of the planter, once we start using it, natural salts from the soil and water poured frequently may leach into the outside of the planter and as a result, the colour might fade over time.

These planters are made out of clay and so if they are dropped from a height they might break, so try not to drop them. Due to their sturdy nature they are long lasting planters.

Water Capacity: This planter can take more than 1 ltr of water depending upon the plant.

Best suited Tray: 8 inch Terracotta/Earthenware tray is the best suited one.

Potting Mix: This planter would require 6 kg of potting mix. Depending on the type of plant, the potting mix ratios and ingredients would vary accordingly. The mix mentioned here is standard mix consisting of red soil, manure, neem cake, vermi compost and perlite. And almost 80% of plants do well with the standard potting mix. Also please reference the plants you are buying for clear understanding.


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Dimensions 7 × 11 in





Black, Red


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